Sorry for the hiatus! I have been very busy with personal life stuff, and was on vacation. Having a puppy, while I knew would be a lot of work, is A LOT of work! This time around, I felt like I wanted to write a different kind of article; short, sweet, and slightly personal.

Recently, I have become so entrenched in life, both professionally and personally, that my own training has taken a backseat for longer than I care to admit. I am admittedly in probably the worst shape I've been in since the age of 18. While it sucks, and I'm about to get back on track and turn things around, I wanted to share my insights to my struggle in hopes that you can relate, and that you can find inspiration to get yourself back on track as well.

Seeing elite athletes, fitness professionals, or the fittest guy or girl in your gym on a regular basis, it can be very easy to assume that the pursuit of health and fitness comes easy to some people. For a long time, I was one of those unapologetic fitness diehards with no understanding of just how difficult some peoples' circumstances make it for them to make the pursuit of fitness a priority. The fact is that, even to those of us who have desirable physiques or come across as experts when it comes to training, constantly finding new sources of motivation to keep pushing hard can often be difficult. Even elite athletes and health-and-fitness professionals need breaks. Life gets in the way sometimes. That goes for everybody. It can be very easy to get overwhelmed with work-related stress, relationship drama with friends or family, taking care of children or pets, or any myriad of life stressors. I can attest to this myself, particularly recently. In the past, I've seldom had trouble finding the desire to train hard and consistently. Over the past year or so, my focus on my own training has slowly been slipping; this phenomenon is new to me. 

My newfound empathetic understanding for those who have a hard time working out with any regularity and struggling to achieve their health and fitness goals has given me a new perspective. For a long time now, working out regularly has been a big part of my life. While I dabbled in weightlifting in high school primarily for sports and girls, I really began to delve into the world of strength training my freshman year of college. Since the age of 18, I have been training the way we all should: with purpose, intensity, and consistency. Over the past year, my purpose has been lost, my intensity has wavered, and my consistency has had a lot left to be desired. 

I'm disappointed in myself for letting this happen. I feel like I'm supposed to be an example for my clients and followers, and someone who can be looked up to for inspiration. However, as I've brooded over this self-inflicted disappointment, I've realized that I shouldn't be disappointed in myself, nor should I continue to let it spiral further out of control. The same goes for you. No matter what your story or circumstances, there is never a point where it is too late to commit to yourself and turn things around. Sometimes life gets hectic, and yes it is okay for your fitness endeavors to temporarily move down a few notches on your list of priorities. The most important thing is that you never let it spiral out of control and become completely lost in the shuffle of your career and personal life. 

Making your health a priority in your life requires that you first and foremost value, respect, and commit to yourself. It also requires that you have a support system. You need people who care about you in your corner to inspire, challenge, and enable you to improve every day. It requires that you decide for yourself and no one else, that your physical, mental, and emotional health is important to you. Once you've made that decision for yourself, you need to setup a game plan to make it happen. Once you do that, all you need to do is just take things one day at a time, and make it happen!

At the end of the day, we all struggle with our own accountability to ourselves, whether it be occasionally or perpetually. It's not always easy to juggle the often competing demands we encounter in life. My hope that you find encouragement in knowing that the people who seem to have it all together on the outside still share the same struggles you do. We all share these experiences. That is what connects us as human beings. If you have found yourself to be struggling with your own health and fitness goals, whether it be just recently or has been a long-standing issue, the best time to start making changes is now!

P.S. I am happy to report that I am back on my regular training regimen and with vigor! Gotta get photoshoot ready!